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Hot Yoga Delaware

Yoga can take you to the peak of any mountain you choose to climb... and you do not have to be fit or flexible to receive dramatic results. Our instructors will guide you as you safely sweat your way towards your goal. So whether you're looking for radiant skin, a tight tush, or expanded consciousness, you've found the place....
HOT YOGA Delaware
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We offer dynamic yet accessible yoga classes in a special heated environment. The heat will help limber you, make you metabolize fat better, and help the body to release stored toxins. Drop-ins are always welcome, you do not need a reservation, except for the Wednesday morning 645am classes, otherwise just pick the day and time that is right for you and come on in!

Types of classes:
Shore HOT and Original HOT
These classes are designed with the brand new beginner in mind, yet are evolutionary allowing one to increase intensity with experience. In the Original HOT, you do the same 26 postures each time you come. In the Shore HOT, there are variations and more postures introduced. You will develop strength, balance, flexibility and stamina in both classes. Anybody, regardless of age, body type or fitness level can safely do this yoga, but make no mistake about it, we are not going to be sitting in the dark chanting during this one. Original and Shore HOT are heart pounding, sweat pouring, body healing classes! Try the 60 minute or 90minute version.

Hot Flow
This class is devotional, creative and usually fairly vigorous... The "Hot Flow" utilizes Sun Salutations and has a sequence that changes rather than one that stays the same from class to class. Because of the nature of Flow, linking posture to posture, this class is better suited for those who have a bit of yoga knowledge or those are already in moderately good health. You can expect some inversions and a good sweat.

Warm and Light
This class explores at a slower pace. It is perfect for beginners and anyone wanting a deep stretch without the cardio component. Each class begins with a breathing exercise, includes both standing and floor poses (or can be done from a chair) and will leave you feeling lighter, longer and refreshed!

Don't wait another day, this is going to be FUN and you are going to FEEL BETTER than you have in years!

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